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Truth behind why do men lie…

Posted: November 25, 2007 in Funny
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Jojo is a Carpenter, one day while doing a house near a river, his hammer fell in the ranging water of the river. He can’t do nothing but cry. Then his guardian angel appeared before him. “I’m going to help you my dear Jojo” and his guardian angel jumped in the river to retrieve his hammer. After a few seconds, the angel emerges from the water with a gold hammer in his hand. “Is this your hammer?” said the angel. “No” he replied. The angel jumps again to the water and emerges now holding a silver hammer. “Is this your hammer?” “Nope” he insisted. The angel jumps again to the water and emerges with a ordinary hammer. “Is this your hammer?” “Yes! That is my beloved hammer. Thank you very much.” His guardian was so happy that he gave him a gift. “Because of your honesty, aside from your hammer, I will give you also the gold and silver hammer…”


Days have passed. One day, Jojo, with his wife, was crossing a very tight bridge over the same river. Unfortunately, and because of stupidity, Jojo’s wife fell in the river. Jojo cried because he can’t do anything about it. Once again his guardian angel came to the rescue. “I will help you.” Then the angel jump in the freezing water. A couple of seconds the angel emerges with Diana Zubiri. “Is this your wife?” “Yes” he replied. His angel got angry. “You are a liar! I thought you are very honest and have a good heart.” Then Jojo reasoned out. “Sorry my angel, its not my intention to lie to you, if I said “NO” you will jump again in the water and will bring Katrina Halili with you and if I said again “NO” you will jump again in the water and bring my wife with you. And because of my honesty will also give Diana and Katrina, aside from my wife, to me. I’m just a poor carpenter, I can’t even buy a decent hammer, and I cannot support three wives that’s why I said “YES” in the instance you ask me.


Moral of the story: Men only lie for a good and noble reason.