What to do to those freaking Baller Bands?

Posted: May 26, 2010 in From Me, Funny
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My phone with Baller Band

Undoubtedly, Baller Bands are the most common give away last campaign period. In fact, my brother has a huge stash of these baller bands, ranging from Presidential candidates to Mayors and councilors. I’ve been wondering, what will he do to those freaking baller bands?

Our younger brother think of something unusual… He used the baller bands as accents for his cell phone. I tried it too and it look great. However, since I’m using an Old Nokia 1600, when I tried this baller band thingy on my phone it decreases the ring volume by almost 50% and degraded my signal by a bar as it covers vital “slots”/”vents” on my phone. So I decided to ditch the bands I won’t compromise reliability over beauty… it worked on my siblings’ phone by not mine… = )


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