Secret of an Authentic Kapampangan Halo-Halo

Posted: May 5, 2010 in From Me

Pampanga is known as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines” and there’s no arguing about that. Most the delicious food are from Pampanga. I am proud to be a ‘kapampangan’, yung nga lang I’m not that good in cooking, pero masarap akong kumain. A known Kapampangan-origin Restaurant is offering one of the Best Halo-halo in the Philippines (or probably, even, in the whole world). Its been always a mystery why this halo-halo taste so good even if it only has four sahog or halo, mainly, (1)Minatamis na saging, (2)Macapuno, (3)Pinipig and (4)Leche Flan. During my Apo’s (kapampangan term for ‘lola’) wake, and thanks for my cousins (and pagiging usisero), I think I discover this summer refreshment’s secret.

Just like what I mention, it only has 4 main ingredients, but actually there more than that. Aside from saging, macapuno, pinipig and leche flan, there is milk, ice and buko juice, and yes, buko juice is included in the concoction.

Secret number one (1), Its on how you cook the banana. Its two-part water to one-part banana to one-part sugar. Let the Sugar-Water mixture boil first then add the banana, doing it this way ay  hindi ma-o-overcook yung saba, then hayaan mag-reduce yung liquid pero ‘wag susunugin kasi gagamitin natin yung extra liquid later. Secret number two (2), Real Macapuno. We use authnetic macapuno and not the commercial one. Sa mga hindi po nakakaalam, wala po talagang puno ng macapuno. Ang macapuno ay isang sakit ng puno ng niyog kung saan kaunti o walang sabaw at masyadong makapal ang laman. As far as I know, PhilCoA is already looking for ways on how to propagate these trees. Anyway, balik tayo sa Halo-halo, as I said, we use authentic macapuno at hindi minatamis na buko lang na gaya ng iba. Secret number three (3). Only Egg Yolk on the flan. Kasi yung iba whole egg ang nilalagay, instead na yolk lang at we panutcha for our caramel. (sorry hindi ako makanap ng picture ng panutcha) No special treatment with our pinipig as long as freshly toasted okay na yan. Lastly, and most probably, the main secret. “Special Ice”, its no ordinary ice, its a sepcialized ice made of water, buko juice and a milk, that’s why its so smooth and creamy and melts in your mouth not on your spoon.

Now you have all you need, just assemble it. Macapuno muna, then saging, then pinipig, then the special ice, then milk, then a slice of leche flan and the caramel (sabaw ng minatmis na saba) as the sweetener and Enjoy…

When we try to duplicate the said ‘delicacy’, these are the procedures that we follow and It doesn’t mean that the said establishment is also doing the same thing. That’s their company secret and what I am sharing is my OWN secret. hehehe.. =P


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