Intel’s ‘Nehalem’ To Be Branded as ‘Core i7’

Posted: August 12, 2008 in Beware, Computer Related, From Me, Trivia
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Intel’s next-generation “Nehalem” architecture will be named the Intel Core i7, and will enter production during the fourth quarter, Intel said Sunday.

The brand will be the “first of several new identifiers to come as different products launch over the next year,” Intel said.

Intel did not give a formal explanation of what the “i7” brand stood for, or how future cores would be described in that context. The company did say that model numbers would be used, as they currently are, to provide more information about the chip. The Intel Core i7 processor brand logo will be available for high-performance desktop PCs with a separate black logo for Intel’s highest-end “Extreme Edition,” Intel said.

The production timeline is not news; Intel provided a fairly lengthy explanation of the Nehalem architecture in March, and said then that the first chips would ship during the fourth quarter.

Nehalem will contain two to eight cores, a 4-instruction-wide ISA, and two-way simultaneous multithreading. The notable additions include the QuickPath interconnect, with up to 25 Gbytes/s per link, and an integrated memory controller, as AMD’s own parts include. In addition, there will be a new 8-Mbyte shared level 3 cache.

Intel will discuss the Nehalem, as well as its return to graphics, Larrabee, and other chips beginning on August 19, at the Intel Developer Forum at San Francisco.

  1. michaeljugar says:

    whew…You are an intel fan too huh?

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