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I’ve always been a fan of Mini ITX, but up to now I don’t still own one… hehehe… just to give you updates I found these articles…

Mini-ITX 2.0: The Mini PC Platform of the Future

After inventing the form factor in 2001, VIA has redefined the platform in 2008 to create a new standard for optimized performance and freedom of choice in small form factor desktop PCs.

Today’s Mini-ITX mainboards have come a long way in seven years, with faster processor speeds yet more power efficient platforms than ever, richer digital media feature integration, and greater connectivity and storage options. VIA boards now feature PCI Express, DDR2, SATA II, multi-channel HD audio and much more, and VIA is continually investing resources in developing ways to integrate ever greater functionality into small footprint platforms.

To extend its leadership at the cutting edge of small form factor innovation, VIA announced Mini-ITX 2.0, setting a minimum standard of the latest PC technology specifications for Mini-ITX mainboards designed for small form factor desktop PCs. This is aimed at providing OEMs, system integrators and end-users alike greater freedom of choice in configuring mini PCs and home media centers to deliver the graphics, high definition video, and computing experience required in today’s media rich environment.

Mini-ITX is the ideal platform for next generation mini PCs due to its advanced performance, high levels of feature integration, and easy expandability, coupled with the broad infrastructure of cases and accessories that has been built up around the form factor.

Processor: Central to Mini-ITX 2.0 is a high performance yet power efficient x86 processor, such as the VIA Nano processor, to provide all the horsepower necessary for running the latest applications and operating systems in a space-constrained environment.

Graphics & Video: Increasingly immersive graphics and high definition visual computing are demanding ever more powerful graphics and video, including DirectX® 10 graphics and Blu-ray Disc™ playback. Mini-ITX 2.0 defines a 16-lane PCI Express slot as a prerequisite, enabling the integration of a high performance graphics add-in card into the system in order to play the latest, most sophisticated PC games and highest density video formats.

Audio: With PCs increasingly used as home media centers, it is vital for mini PCs to deliver rich 6-channel surround sound that meets the HD audio specification, for a more authentic entertainment experience.


Mini-ITX 2.0 Standard

The Mini-ITX 2.0 open industry standard defines minimum platform technology requirements for media-rich optimized mini PCs:

Processor: High-performance, power efficient x86 processor, such as the VIA Nano processor

Memory: Support for minimum 2GB DDR2 SDRAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 integrated (IGP); DirectX 10 through an add-in card

Display: 1 VGA port for LCD display; 1 HDMI port on add-in card

HD Audio: 3 Audio jacks for up to 6-channel surround sound
Broadband Connectivity: 1 Gigabit LAN port

Storage: 2 Serial ATA II slots + 1 IDE (PATA) slot
Peripheral Connectivity: Minimum 4 USB2.0 ports

Expansion: 1 PCI Express 16-lane slot

Size: 17cm x 17cm

O/S Support: Microsoft® Windows Vista®; Microsoft Windows Vista Premium (through an add-in graphics card); Microsoft Windows® XP, and major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Suse Linux and gOS

Please download the presentation from the VIA press conference held during Computex Taipei 2008, in which the Mini-ITX 2.0 concept was introduced after an explanation of VIA’s path to the VIA Nano processor.

Heres the link:


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