Intel’s ‘Skulltrail’ Gaming Platform Ships

Posted: February 20, 2008 in Beware, Computer Related, Trivia, Tweaks
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Intel has introduced the D5400XS dual-socket gaming-oriented motherboard and Core 2 Extreme QX9975 processors: benchmarks beware!
In a move that pushes AMD further into the sidelines, Intel on Tuesday officially announced the D5400XS motherboard and QX9775 quad-core processors. This combination, previously known as “Skulltrail,” is a high-powered workstation platform masquerading as a gaming configuration. Skulltrail previewed at last year’s Intel Developer Forum. Dual graphics from ATI (CrossFire) and nVidia (SLI) are both supported (separately) on the Skulltrail platform.

The Skulltrail platform supports two QX9775 processors, for a total of eight processing cores. These eight cores plus dual graphics are likely to push the upper boundaries of performance and 3D benchmarks past the stratosphere. Intel already claims high CPU scores, including over 20,000 on CineBench R10 (9,000 is considered good for a single quad-core processor). The QX9775 processors will be shipped unlocked, so overclockers and system builders are salivating at the chance to play with this platform.

The QX9775 ships at 3.2GHz, with 12MB of L2 cache and a 1,600 MHz FSB (front side bus). The D5400XS motherboard supports up to four PCIe x16 graphics cards, and the aforementioned two CPU sockets. Though triple and quad graphics cards for multiple monitors are supported, this doesn’t necessarily mean that CrossFire X Triple/Quad and Triple/Quad SLI will be supported out of the gate. The QX9775 processors are available now at $1,499 each, and the D5400XS board is $649.

Look for reviews of the Skulltrail platform in upcoming systems from system builders like Armari, Boxx Tech, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, Maingear, Puget Systems, Scan, Velocity Micro, Vigor Gaming, Voodoo, @Xi Computers, and others.
For the preview of Skulltrail, Click Here


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