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Posted: January 24, 2008 in Computer Related, From Me, Tweaks
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If you will notice I already included a download section in my blog. I’ll posting some of the useful (and even useless) apps I will come across…

Here are the current apps available for download:

> Bluescreen Screensaver = a fake bluescreen that is used as screen saver.

> CPU-Z = a small apps that will identify your computers actual components based on its hardware signature. If supect that your processor or your video cards is remarked use this app.

> IMG Kulot Remover = remover of the f***king IMG virus that plaque our flash drives

> Show Desktop = some virus disables or remove the “Show Desktop” in the quick launch tool bar. This simple trick will restore it to its original place.

> The Protocol Screensaver = the official screensaver of “The Protocol, The Official Student Publication of Microsystems Institute of Technology”

for a mean while yan muna, I’ll posting other apps kapag may internet na ako sa bahay.

God Bless and may the force be with you!

  1. akositati says:

    kuya mark, pano maglagay ng downloads sa blogsite?

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