Yahoo Messenger Multiple Instances!

Posted: January 23, 2008 in Computer Related, From Me, Trivia, Tweaks
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I a lot of guys (and gals) that have multiple YM accounts, especially this guy. Anyway this is one trick that guys will love. With this tweak, you can now run multiple Yahoo Messenger Instances without having to download and install third party softwares. So if you have multiple accounts in Yahoo and you want to use them all… haha.. this is your chance…

WARNING: To make this tweak you must alter your Registry! Be cautious when doing this, one wrong move can make your YM useless, worst, even your Windows. Back-up your registry before doing this trick by:

Start > Run > Regedit > File > Export

Save your Registry and proceed…

1. Go to Start / Run.
2. Type regedit, then hit ENTER.
3. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_ USER / Software / Yahoo / Pager / Test
4. On the right page, right-click and choose new Dword value.
5. Rename it as Plural.
6. Double click and assign a decimal value of 1.

You’re done. That’s how easy it is.

You can now open your Yahoo Messenger and login with your main ID. Then click the Yahoo messenger icon again to create a new instance or you can go to Start>Program Yahoo Messenger then click Yahoo Messenger. You will notice that windows will now open another YM window allowing you to login with a different login id.

So no more logging out and logging in to check other accounts. Enjoy chatting…

  1. akositati says:

    wahahha! ang tagal na nyan ah… gnawa ko na dati.. pero mas effective pa rin ung multimessenger ko.. ung may installer…. hehehe…

  2. thorsenine says:

    Matagal na pero useful pa rin… hehehe… ito naman ay para sa mga wala nung installer… tweaking lng baga… luma na nga ito pero ang dami pa rin hindi nakakaalam…

  3. oneshot says:

    galing mo tol, kahit luma nga ok pa rin minsan mas ok pa rin ang luma salamat sa blog mo

  4. klaq says:

    you awesome!thanks

  5. akositati says:

    kamusta chong? e2 na pala number ko.. 09166269406 yan…

  6. pearl17 says:

    pede ko ba malaman kung sinu ung ka chat ng kachat ko ? ^^ hihi .,.

  7. hanum says:

    it works. Thank’s for info sharing ^_^

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